How to convert po files into csv files

In my day job I work as a django developer, I once had to convert the translation files which are of the format ‘.po’

I was on the verge of writing a script to seperate the ‘msgid’ and ‘msgstr’ and put them as columns of the csv.

Suddently, it went through my mind that, ‘it is not right to re-invent the wheel’. I started searching and I got this awesome python tool called the “Python Translate Toolkit”.

It does so many things so very nicely. Installation is simple. You can either do this

sudo apt install translate-toolkit

or you can download the python translate toolkit

git clone

and then extract the files and do this within the extracted folder

./ install

You get variety of tools with this simple installation

  1. Converters: like csv2po, html2po etc
  2. Tools (Quality Assurance):like pomerge, pofilter etc
  3. Other Tools like pocompile, poswap

In my case, I wanted to convert my django po file into csv file and here it goes

po2csv djangojs.po djangojs.csv

Thats all for now.

For a full list go this web site

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