How to Rename a Duplicate Column in Django

Suppose you have a model where there is a column, say ‘program_name’ that is duplicated

The structure of the model is like this

class Program(models.Model):

    program_name = models.CharField(max_length=100)

    currency = models.CharField(max_length=3)

Data for the sample model

id program_name currency
1 demoprogram EUR
2 demoprogram USD
3 sampleprogram USD

We can see that program_name ‘demoprogram’ is repeated twice, and for whatsoever reason you would like to rename them.

You can take the duplicate programs out using django orm like so,

duplicate_programs = Program.objects.values('program_name').annotate(counter=Count('program_name')).filter(counter__gt = 1)

But the result would be a QuerySet without the id to take action

<QuerySet [{'counter': 2, 'name': u'demoprogram'}]>

Now if you wanted to rename the duplicates, then you got two options here.

  1. Rename duplicate column using django orm
  2. Rename duplicate column using sql and django cursors

##### Method 1 : Rename duplicate column using django orm

One using the result above and feeding it back to django orm.

duplicate_programs_obj = Program.objects.filter(program_name__in=[item['program_name'] for item in duplicate_programs])

This would give you a list that you can loop through and update the duplicate column to your liking

for program in duplicate_programs_obj:
    program.program_name = program.program_name + str(

##### Method 2 : Rename duplicate column using sql and django cursors The other method involves using some raw queries and django cursors.
from django.db import connection, transaction

query = """
UPDATE program T1 JOIN (SELECT program_name FROM program GROUP BY program_name HAVING count(id) > 1) dup ON T1.program_name = dup.program_name SET T1.program_name = CONCAT(T1.program_name, CAST( AS CHAR));
cursor = connection.cursor()
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